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Post  Admin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:27 pm

I'm just going to start off with a few quick words about what I've learned playing this game for the short time I have, and the longer time I've spent playing a number of other MMO's & RPG's. First off there is no "Ultimate" gear set up. That being said a lot of players like to use the Vog Cub Coat and Helmet since it provides a lot of normal resistance and elemental resistance, the two most common types of damage done down in the clockworks. The increased sword attack speed is a really nice bonus as well. The Fire status resist is extremely useful running through Firestorm Citadel and fighting Vanaduke. And this brings me to the most important factor when choosing what gear to use. It all depends on the the type of stratum you will be running through. Skolver gear could be more helpful to a knight running through the Royal Jelly Palace since it has pierce resistance, and a nice damage bonus to your sword. So first consider what type of stratums you will be running through and be prepared to change out some gear at the junctions and sub towns. To that end it will be advantageous for knights to develop several changes of gear.

As to weaponry, I'd recommend trying to be prepared to face several different types of monsters. First off don't rely only upon handguns. Their DPS isn't significant enough to be considered a main weapon. Relying heavily on handguns means you'll be spending most of your time running around, rather than fighting. If your only going to use two weapon slots, consider the Calibur Line up to Leviathan and an Alchemer handgun. The Caliburs do normal damage, so no monsters will be weak against it, but none will be resistant to it as well. I recommend an alchemer handgun, since the monsters that are weak against elemental damage are the kind that most players don't want to get too close to: Constructs (including Lumbers & Turrets) and Undead. I'd avoid using an autogun (at least intially) since monsters that are weak against piercing damage, fiends & beast, dodge projectile weapons. If you decide to open a third weapon slot you can then carry a weapon of each damage type. With 3 open weapon slots I like to carry a Firotech Alchemer, Faust, and Snarble Barb. I have shadow damage to deal to Jellies and Gremlins, Piercing to take care of Fiends & Beasts, & Elemental against Constructs and Undead. I've found this setup serves me well for T1 & T2. Of course this is very subjective based upon the style of play I've developed. My next project is to develop a set of weapons to use against Lord Vanaduke, which will include Autogun to Blitz Needle, Divine Avenger, & Freezing Bombs. After some careful research, it seems to me that this weapon loadout will be effective against the Clockwork's Lord of the Undead. Again its all based upon style of play and game objectives. Don't be afraid to try out a few different things and find what's best for you. And above all: Happy Hunting Smile


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